Official Theta app for Ledger release

ETH RPC adaptor with Truffle Suite, Remix, Hardhat, Metamask, Web3.js integration

Theta Ecosystem and new TDROP token white paper

Edge Node software support for Mac M1 chip

v2 Edgecast fully decentralized streaming Dapp

Beta ThetaPass NFT as virtual tickets DRM

Beta ThetaDrop unified marketplace

Theta video API

TDROP token release

TDROP decentralized governance launch

Cross-chain bridge to ETH for DEX, NFT and Dapps

Beta decentralized storage on Elite Edge Nodes for NFTs

v2 Edge Node Integrated Caching-Streaming, Compute and Storage

Beta NFT based video platform with P2P video delivery

Beta Live experience video streaming media platform

Edge Streaming, Caching, Storage, and Compute new use cases