Click the “Log in” button at the top corner, and the authorization page will pop up, where you choose your preferred way of authorization.  Choose the authorization methods, and you are in.

Your profile displays the collectibles you created and the ones you put up for bids. On your profile, you will see the “Edit user” at the top of your profile. Edit your information and click “Update” once you are done.

Once you authorize and log in, you will see the “Become a publisher” button that allows you to publish your collectibles. Clicking on the page shows some questions to answer and boxes to add your collectibles. You will be informed via email if you make it to our publisher list.

When registering a collectible, click on the “put on sale” option. Here, you will choose the auction and end time and the sale price. Once you are done auctioning a collectible, click on “finalize” to finish the auction.

You need to register on the NFTsearock marketplace and have a positive wallet balance to buy a collectible. Once you meet these criteria, click on “place a bid” on the masterpiece you want to buy. The profile of the collectible will pop up for you to purchase. You can buy a collectible instantly or place a bid. Additionally, you cannot buy a collectible above the instant buy option.

The NFTsearock allows creators to mint and trade collectibles. Organization can also create their white-label marketplace on the platform. As a collector, you can place a bid for a collectible and choose the “buy now” option for instant purchase.

Both fiat and cryptocurrency are available to trade with on the NFTsearock marketplace. Choose your preferred payment method and trade.

Your earnings go directly to your wallet. NFTsearock marketplace does not hold your money after any transaction.

User’s profile, NFTs, details, and history are recorded on the NFTsearock blockchain technology.

A gas fee is the measurement of the computational effort needed to execute a project or an operation on a blockchain. Thus, the Gas fee is the payment for miners that execute your operation on blockchains. However, NFTsearock charges no Gas fee when you opt for Marketplace PaaS offering or Public Marketplace.

Non-fungible tokens are digital assets like in-game assets, music, video, tweet, and other collectibles. These NFTs are secured and developed on blockchain technology, making them traceable, proof ownership, secure, useable across multiple apps, and non-interchangeable.

If you notice unusual activity on your NFTsearock account, do these:

  • Scan your device for spyware, viruses, or malicious code
  • Change your password immediately if you can still log into your account
  • Revoke your NFTsearock Web API key
  • Deauthorize login from other devices by clicking on Manage NFTsearock Guard>> Deauthorize devices
  • Make sure you boycott all malicious links. Do not click on any link that may compromise your account. Do not click on any URL with HTTP (only HTTPS).
  • Log into your account only from your device. DO not use someone’s device to login
  • Change your login details occasionally by clicking on the forget password.
  • Suspend your NFTsearock Web API Key if you think your account is compromised.