Create Your Own Digital Collectibles

NFTs proffer a vast array of opportunities to digital art creators. NFTsearock supports creators to create collectible items like art, card, and sports collections and trade them with unimaginable profit. On our marketplace, users are spoilt with choices and exciting features that guarantee huge returns for any digital collectible project.

An Introduction to NFTs

NFTsearock Has Two Separate NFT Offerings To Help Meet The Needs For All NFT Marketplace Use Cases. Users Can Choose To Take Advantage Of Just One Offering Or Both In Concert To Get Their Digital Collectibles In Front Of More People.

Public NFT Marketplace

NFTsearock Marketplace joins creators with collectors to mint, buy, and sell different varieties of digital collectibles. Our excellent programs to improve trades on the marketplace provide easy trading and boost engagements for users. Public NFT marketplace allows you to create your public storefront and display your collectibles to all our users. This service guarantees huge profit from your collectibles.

NFT Marketplace PaaS

This exceptional feature allows brands to build their NFT marketplaces that will be under their control. This is simple to create in just a few days/weeks with our NFT Marketplace Template. As an organization building a marketplace, you can shun the Complex Blockchain Backend with our templates and create your custom Frontend with our simple to use API Gateway.

Digital Collectibles

Digital collectibles create a new market for artists to monetize their craft and link with collectors visiting our marketplace. Nothing is better than engaging collectors with your collectibles and generating thousands of dollars. Selling digital collectibles does not transfer your right underlying the intellectual property because these types of NFTs are only traded for personal use. Digital collectibles have many use cases –

Digital Art Sets

Sports Memorabilia

Gaming Clips

Digital Trading Cards

On NFTsearock, your digital collectibles are secured through a unique tokenizing IP. Sell and earn tremendous profits on your unique assets traded on NFTsearock Marketplace.

NFTsearock Ready-made features allow easy minting and trading of NFTs

Most NFT Marketplaces have complex and non-user-friendly UIs; this affects the value of the NFT and prevents users from engaging the platform. However, NFTsearock, with customizable Front-End, has drag-and-drop designs that empower you mint, buy and sell NFTs with a great experience.

No-Fee Marketplace

NFTsearock does not charge gas or minting fees when you opt for Marketplace PaaS offering or Public Marketplace. Thus, no hindrances to adopting NFT use cases.

Unlimited Minting Editions

Our marketplace enables creators to mint limitless editions of an NFT to entice and engage collectors and their fans. Unlimited minting edition comes at no extra cost.

Royalty Management

With NFTsearock’s royalty management, creators choose their revenue-sharing formula with their parties as it suits their complex business models, revenue shares, and partnerships. This feature makes complex accounting computation easy and creates unending possibilities for users.

Interested in building a digital collectibles marketplace?