Change The Game With NFTs

NFTs improve brand marketing by creating new and efficient ways for brands to communicate with consumers effectively. Additionally, NFT serves as a veritable storytelling vehicle for brands as they improve brands’ bonding with consumers. NFT as a component of an effective marketing strategy does not hamper other marketing elements. Use NFTsearock’s tools to build a marketplace where brands and collectors bond for a profitable relationship.

Improve customer relationship and KLT factor with NFTs

On the NFTsearock marketplace, NFTs enable collectors to know, like, and trust brands by offering exciting and innovative brand experiences. Brands can donate their NFTs proceeds to charity to build a brand’s reputation. As a brand, use NFTs to improve your relationship with consumers with win-win use cases:


NFTs drive traffic and increase brand engagement to other aspects of their businesses. Brands can gift or use NFTs as vouchers to turn one-time customers into hot customers. As brands, you can use NFTs for data collection and crowdfunding rewards. All possible on the NFTsearock marketplace, your brand visibility will leap beyond borders with operator-minted NFT.


An exciting way to boost your brand visibility and engagement is running a marketplace with user-generated NFTs. Here, brands key into NFT with customizable ready-made workflow and own the creator relationship. Here, predetermined roles like a moderator that blocklist and delist offending users/NFTs and curators that accept minting and listing of creators/NFTs enable brands to improve their engagement through NFTs created by the users.

NFTsearcock powered Use Cases

User-friendly but comprehensive platform and tools to satisfy your customers and improve brand’s visibility provide these use cases:

Provide free NFTs for real-world or digital goods purchase

User-generated content marketplace where users mint their art

Users earn loyalty points through engagement and buy NFTs with them

QR code or shopping cart integration

NFT giveaways through social media

NFTsearock tools for brands to integrate and innovate with NFTs

Interested in Innovating with NFTs?